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gerard & paula
Welcome into my origami house, called Orihouse.

This house is part of the website Gerard & Paula, but essentially I, Paula, am the only one busy with it. But Gerard is the most important person in my life and he accompanies me often on my foreign origami trips.

Origami is since 1984 one of my hobbies. But only since 1997 I'm "obsessed" with it. Nowadays almost every day I fold, read or write about folding.

logo OSN At this moment I'm an "O.A.C.-er". This means that I'm officialy a teacher of the Dutch Origami Society. I'm giving courses incidentally, I've got a small shop with paper and I was busy for the O.S.N. (Dutch Origami Society) as webmaster of their website.

stars For private use you can use, fold and print everything you find in this house, but are you planning to use it somewhere else on the internet, or use it more than for your private use, contact me. It's easy to send me an email or, if you don't have the software for that, write something in my guestbook. For most of the things I'll give you permission, but you can imagine that it's for me nice to know that some of my ideas are being used.

knotology Further more, there are things in this house that not belong to me personally, but that I may use with permission of the owner. What you can do with those things, is of course not only my decision.

You can consult the floor-plan of the house when you get lost or are looking for a specific page.

This leaves me to wish you much joy with your visit to my house. I'm open for positive feed-back.

Happy folding and surfing,

Paula's Orihouse
Gerard & Paula