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Guestroom 2001 Gastenkamer 2001

In this guestroom I keep pictures of the things you've folded, not neccesarily created by the same person as the folder. In deze gastenkamer bewaar ik foto's van dingen die jij gevouwen hebt, niet noodzakelijk ook door jou ontworpen.

Date Guest
Picture Remarks

29-10-2001 Annie Pidel
Mask Mask

Folded by Annie using techniques by Eric Joisel.

Annie's website

10-9-2001 Antonio Carlos Genova
Saci Saci

Folded and designed by Carlos Genova, picture taken by Raimundo Gadelha.

more info

Carlos' website

10-9-2001 Jennifer Campbell
Businesscards A mobile with 12 businesscard models

Folded by Jennifer Campbell, designs by Valerie Vann, Jeanine Mosely, Francis Ow and Jennifer Campbell.

more pictures and info

27-8-2001 Román Díaz
Camel Pegasus Elephant Camel, Pegasus

Created and folded by Román Díaz from Uruguay


Created and folded by Román Díaz from Uruguay

Román Díaz's Photo-album

27-8-2001 Lar DeSouza
Skull Skull

created by Herman van Goubergen, folded by Lar DeSouza.

This model must be placed upon a mirror to see the skull.

27-7-2001 Wilhelm Möller
Krystyna and Benjamin Krystyna and Benjamin

Created and folded by Wilhelm Möller, from strips of paper.
Krystyna (5-cubes-ring) made from 5 strips 10:1 and 1 strip 172:1
Benjamin (10-cubes-ring) made from 1 strip 32:1, 10 strips 10:1 and 5 strips 64:1 (or 1 strip 312:1)

9-7-2001 Christian Weinert
Rhinoceros Rhinoceros

Created by John Montrol, folded by Christian Weinert.

9-7-2001 Neil Eisman
3 Kawasaki Roses 3 Kawasaki Roses

Created by Kawasaki, folded by Neil Eisman.

more pictures and info

27-6-2001 Meenakshi Mukhopadhyay
Fox Terrier Wire Sphere94

Created by Heinz Strobl, folded by Meenakshi.

Instructions to make this model

Meenakshi's Modular Mania

5-6-2001 Román Díaz
Fox Terrier Wire Fox Terrier Wire

Created and folded by Román Díaz from Uruguay.

16-05-2001 Leong Cheng Chit
Magic Rose Cube Variations Platonic Roses

Folded by Leong Cheng Chit, unit created by Valerie Vann.

5-4-2001 Leong Cheng Chit
North American Bald Eagle North American Bald Eagle

Created and folded by Leong Cheng Chit.

23-3-2001 Michael Naughton
Stars Stars from waterbomb-base modules

Created/discovered independently and folded by Michael Naughton.
Topleft is also a model by Isamu Asahi (NOA 107), and the two on the right where made with the Omega-module by Robert Neale, but he never put them into rings/stars.

18-03-2001 Ronald Koh
Small Cobra in Case King Cobra

created and folded by Ronald Koh.
This is the small cobra who stood model for the giant king cobra, folded by the Origami Group of Singapore that stood in Sentosa park from 9th to 11th march 2001.

Ron's website

07-03-2001 Sjaak Adriaanse
Modular folding for the lazy Modular folding for the lazy Modular folding for the lazy

created by Sjaak Adriaanse, module designed by Tomoke Fuse

07-03-2001 Jake Crowley
Hyena Hyena

created and folded by Jake Crowley

Jake's Origami Gallery

07-03-2001 Michael Miller
Mummified Cat Bat Mummified Cat


created and folded by Michael Miller

Michael's Origami

27-1-2004 Leong Cheng Chit
Beta Fish 3 Frogs

created and folded by Leong Cheng Chit

Cheng Chit's photo-album

1-brane (wire), 2-brane (paper) and 3-brane (wood) frog. Actually I lied about the 3-brane frog.You cannot fold a N-brane in N dimension space, only in N+1 and above. But then, you never can tell! Cheng Chit

20-1-2001 Evi Binzinger
Elephant Elephant

created and folded by Evi Binzinger

11-1-2001 John McKeever
Rat Rat

created by Eric Joisel and folded by John McKeever

4-1-2001 Giang Dinh
Owl Owl Owls

Created and folded by Giang Dinh

Please also take a look at the pictures I received in 2000, 2001 and 2003/4

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