All these letter folds are published in ELFA booklets 1st and 2nd Edition by John Cunliffe. John gave permission to do so. Only, the creators of the envelopes are mentioned in the back of the original publication, and not with the diagrams themselves. Gerard Hughes doesn't mention the creators of the envelopes. Here you can find a list of the creators of the models on this website in order of the index on

Envelope or LetterfoldCreated by
Anchor EnvelopeRobert Harbin
Bar EnvelopeFrances Levangia
Basic FoldTraditional
Box-Lock LetterfoldTraditional
Box-Pleated EnvelopeAngelo Polidori
Butterfly EnvelopeFumiaki Kawahata
Cormetic EnvelopeEdwin Corrie
Crane Envelope)Minako Ishibashi
Daisy LetterfoldNick Robinson
Disc EnvelopeTraditional
Double-Lock EnvelopeDavid Petty
DS LetterfoldDavid Shall
Fern LetterfoldLuis Fernandez
Florentine LetterfoldTraditional
Frog EnvelopeJohn Cunliffe
Harlequin EnvelopeTraditional
Hawk EnvelopeHiroshi Kumasaka
Kenton EnvelopeKathleen Bleyer
K-LetterfoldThoki Yenn
NB LetterfoldPhillip Noble
Sack EnvelopeUnknown
Single-Lock EnvelopeJohn Cunliffe
Square LetterfoldJohn Cunliffe/Shuzo Fujimoto
T-Flap EnvelopeMartin Wall
Trap EnvelopeJohn Cunliffe
Two-By-One EnvelopeVittorio Brandoni
Valentine EnvelopeSumiko Momotani
Valentine LetterfoldFrancis Ow
V-EnvelopeJohn Cunliffe/Traditional
Wallet EnvelopeJohn Cunliffe/H Ohashi
W-LetterfoldVittorio Brandoni